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ProForce™  Debris Blower     

Rake-O-Vac®  Engine Drive  

GreensPro® 1200     

Sand Pro® 3040 / 5040

Choose the debris blower that best fits your particular job requirements, applications and operational needs. The Pro Force™ is an engine driven unit that is towed behind a utility vehicle, and it provides tremendous debris clearing air power for maximum productivity and efficiency. The Debris Blower 600 is a tractor pulled PTO driven model.

The Pro Force™ debris blower provides greater air volume flow than any single nozzle turbine-type debris blower currently available. A hand-held wireless RF remote control, which provides the capability to start and stop the engine, adjust engine throttle up and down for low to high RPM range of operation, and rotate the nozzle 360 degrees – all from the operator’s seat in a Toro® Workman® MD Series or similar utility vehicle. This blower delivers superior productivity and greater efficiency in jobs ranging from cleaning cart paths and other maintained paved areas, to blowing grass clippings, aeration cores or chaff, or other organic debris off fairways or greens.

Choose from the hydraulically driven Pro Sweep™, the engine powered Rake-O-Vac®, or the PTO driven Versa-Vac™ tractor pulled units for large volume capacity organic debris collection.

Large 52 Inch (132 cm) Sweeping WidthFloating Head and Pivoting Subframe Follows Undulating Terrain

25 Cu. Ft. (.7 cu. m.) Hopper Capacity, Floatation Tyres

Adjustable Roller Height

The roller height is adjustable to customize for specific turf applications.

Floating Brush Housing

The exclusive floating brush housing on the Pro Sweep rotates from side to side and front to back, allowing the sweeper to collect cores on uneven terrain.

Wireless RF Remote Control

Only the Pro Sweep comes with a handheld wireless remote that lets you control sweeping and dumping operations with the touch of a button. It also lets you move the sweeper from tow to offset position, or stop power completely in the case of an emergency.

High-Lift Dump

The high-lift dump provides the ability to dump all the cores easily into the bed of a Toro Workman or trailer and empty the hopper completely.

Pivoting Sub-Frame

The pivoting sub-frame allows you to maintain positive tongue weight and gives you better traction even when the hopper is filling .up

Debris doesn't stand a chance with Rake-O-Vac®. Leaves, clippings, litter, even pine needles. The Toro® Rake-O-Vac® provides the only combination of precision pickup and powerful vacuum in one sweeper. A premier performer for premier results in wet or dry conditions.

23hp (17.2kW) Kohler® Command Pro Engine

4.75 cu. yd (3.6 cu. m) Hopper Capacity

High Floatation Tyres

Flex Tip Reel

The Flex Tip Reel has six rows of flexible nylon teeth supported by eleven spring loaded sets that provide the "kick" for an extremely clean pickup. They work like fingers to gently lift debris, wet or dry, then vacuum it into the hopper.


A large capacity hopper of 5.75 cubic yards (4.4 cubic metres) provides the ability for large collection before needing to dump.

48" (120 cm) Rolling Swath

Superior contour following

Easy-to-operate foot pedals control the speed of side-to-side operation

Converting from operating to transport mode can be done by one person without tools

Keeping your greens smooth just got easier! The Toro GreensPro® 1200 riding greens roller is the perfect rolling tool for fine sporting turf such as golf greens, bowling greens and tennis courts. Turf that requires a smooth, high performance surface for optimum playing will benefit from precision greens rolling with the GreensPro greens roller.

Power Packed Engines

The trusted Vanguard® engine is fuel efficient, runs cooler and features a fully pressurized oil lubrication system for longer life.

3WD Series/Parallel™ Traction Drive

The 3WD Series/Parallel™ traction drive improves traction in wet or heavy working conditions to get the job completed quickly. In traditional 3WD units all traction effort is lost as soon as one wheel slips. Series/Parallel™ ensures that you always have tractive effort with at least one wheel to keep your unit from getting stuck and losing precious time.

The Sand Pro® 3040 is a versatile maintenance machine that not only does an exceptional job grooming surfaces for sports fields. It can also can be converted to perform other critical maintenance tasks. The patented Quick Attach System™ (QAS) allows for under-a-minute attachment changes for 17 attachments. Each attachment was specifically designed to take the operator influence out of the equation for high performance and a consistent surface finish.

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