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Groundsmaster® 7200/7210       

Groundsmaster® 3280-D       

Groundsmaster® 360 Quad Steer  

Small Area Rotary Mowers.

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Folding Rollover Protection System (ROPS)

A Rollover Protection System (ROPS), complete with seat belt, comes standard for operator protection in the case of accidental rollovers and tipovers. In situations where sufficient vertical clearance is not available, such as loading on an enclosed trailer, the ROPS can be temporarily unlocked and folded down.

7-Gauge Welded Steel Decks

The deck shells are constructed from high-strength 7-gauge welded steel, 33% thicker and 75% stronger than ordinary 10 gauge commercial steel used in 7/10 decks.

Toro took the best of the Groundsmaster® 200 series mowers to create the Groundsmaster® 3280-D; an all-purpose mower able to meet the stringent cutting demands of today.

Superior Traction

An innovative bi-directional over running clutch senses traction needs. The Groundsmaster® 3280-D has optional on-demand 4-wheel drive, in forward and reverse. Extra-large tread tires and counterbalance system further enhance traction and stability

Download specifications here.

The Groundsmaster® 7200 is a zero turn rotary mower rugged enough to be called a Groundsmaster®. Powerful Kubota® 28 hp (21 kw) and 35 hp (26 kw), 3-cylinder, liquid cooled diesel engines get the job done well. Durable heavy duty 7 gauge welded deck construction and the industry's toughest spindle assembly provide long life. Use the Groundsmaster® 7200/7210 for more than mowing with the added versatility for removing snow, grooming infields and blowing leaves.

The all-new Toro Groundsmaster® 360 Quad-Steer™ reinvents the way a mower performs. Powered by a 36 hp (26.8 kW) Kubota® 4-cylinder diesel engine, this machine utilizes revolutionary Quad-Steer™ all wheel steering to maximize productivity. Climb hills without slipping. Make 180° turns without tearing turf. Hug the turns or side hills while mowing in total comfort. Save time without sacrificing quality. Intuitive controls and unparalleled maneuverability turn work into play.

All-Wheel Steering

The Groundsmaster® 360 features Quad-Steer™, true, all-wheel steering to achieve unmatched manueverability, control and performance. This is the most innovative steering geometry ever offered in a cutting machine. We guarantee you've never driven a mower like this before.

Convenience and Efficiency

The Groundsmaster® 360 is a more productive cutting tool than anything you've ever owned. Not only does it cut faster, it offers maintenance and attachment efficiencies that help operators do more jobs than just cutting grass.

Count on it.

GM 7200/7210 GM 3280-D GM 360 2WD GM 360 4WD GM 360 4WD CAB
Model 30467,30462,30360/30468,30465,30464TC,30363TC 30344/30345 30534/30536 30537/30539 30540/30542
Engine Kubota 18.6 KW (24.8HP) 26.1KW (35HP) Kubota 18.5KW(24.8HP) Kubota V1505 26.8KW(36HP) Kubota V1505 26.8KW(36HP) Kubota V1505 26.8KW(36HP)
Fuel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Width of Cut 152.4 cm-183cm 132cm-183cm 183cm 183cm 183cm
Mowing Rate 1.5 hectares/hr 1.1-1.5 hectares/hr 2.0 hectares/hr 2.0 hectares/hr 2.0 hectares/hr
Traction Drive 2WD hydrostatic 2WD-4WD hydrostatic 2WD dual pump hydrostatic 4WD CrossTrax drive 4WD Crosstrax drive
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