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Turf Application Equipment - Multi Pro Sprayers - Topdressers

Multi Pro® 1750     

Workman® 757 Lite Sprayer     

Leading technology, proven reliability, unsurpassed accuracy.

From the market leader in turf sprayers, the new Toro Multi Pro® 5800 combines customer input with the most advanced sprayer technology and innovation. The result is the best performing turf sprayer on the market. Virtually every aspect of the spray system has been optimized for performance accuracy. We have engineered in aggressive agitation and faster response times to consistently and accurately apply desired spray rates. Extensive testing and reliable components ensure the Multi Pro® 5800 is ready to perform when you need it most. Highly productive work attachments and accessories save time and money by simplifying the mixing and spraying processes, and saving on labor and chemical costs.

175 Gallon (662 L) Tank with 6 Diaphragm Pump

Ground Drive Proportional Pumping System

Compact and Maneuverable With Low Turf PSI

QuickFind™ Sprayer Operator Console

Earning the market leader position in turf vehicle sprayers comes from listening to what your customers truly want in a sprayer. Toro’s new 175-gallon dedicated vehicle sprayer is the culmination of hundreds of hours of insightful customer input. This totally new sprayer uses the advanced spray system design of Toro’s extremely successful Multi Pro 5800, 300-gallon sprayer, combined with cutting-edge sprayer controls and productive vehicle features to create the most advanced, efficient and accurate 175 gallon sprayer on the market. From aggressive agitation, faster response, consistent and accurate application rates, and intuitive rate set up, to precise vehicle control, this sprayer has it all.

200 Gallon (757 liter) Capacity

18.5 foot (5.6 m) Open Spray Boom

Dual Diaphragm Pump

Precision Spray System

The Toro® Workman® 757 litre Sprayer combines a dependable utility vehicle with a high-performance sprayer. With the easy on/off system, the Workman® utility vehicle is quickly transformed into a highly productive precision sprayer. The mechanically driven spray system automatically maintains an even rate of application over varied terrain or changes in speed. The 18.5 (5.6 m) foot open spray boom provides precise applications of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers.

Multi Pro® 5800-D     


Turf Application Equipment - Topdressers

ProPass™ 200     

The new Toro ProPass™ 200 broadcast style topdresser delivers extremely accurate spread patterns from ultra-light dustings to ultra-heavy aeration hole filling applications without any guesswork. Available in both a utility vehicle mounted version and a towed version.

Application Rate      Ultra Light to Ultra Heavy

Belt      Single piece, vulcanized, self-tracking (no seams)

Hopper Capacity      21 ft³ (.54 m³) level, 25 ft³ (.71 m³) heaped

Spreading Width      9 ft (2.744 m) to 35 ft (10.67 m)

Warranty      2 year limited warranty

4 yd³ (3.06 m³) hopper capacity

Available wireless controller for fast settings and adjustments

Available 2 wheel or 4 wheel brake

The new Toro MH-400 delivers high performance and versatility to tackle a wide array of jobs at any facility. The wireless controller provides the easiest method to set and control the spread functions. Choose one or both of the cross conveyor and twin spinner to help you reduce labor, save time and cut operating costs.

Spread Consistency

Evenly apply materials to the turf from 9 ft (2.74 m) to 40 ft (12.2 m) with the patented sliding adjustment for positioning of the twin spinners. This unique drop zone system adjusts where material lands on the spinner disks, resulting in an even pattern across the entire spread width.

Walking Beam Suspension

A unique, four wheel walking beam suspension contains two separate axles so that all four wheels are always in contact with the ground regardless of terrain and an even weight distribution provides a light footprint on the turf.

MH -  400     

Achieve more precision and accuracy with the all new spray system on the 300 gallon (1,136 L) Multi Pro® 5800

Pro Control XP console is updated with new software to improve response time and desired spray rates from start to stop

New six-diaphragm pump supplies twice the flow for spray operation and simultaneous aggressive agitation

Increase productivity, performance and versatility with a wide variety of optional accessories

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